**Disclosure:  Our family was provided with product in order to help facilitate this feature.  This product may affect you differently, please follow directions on product. 

Most summers you would find my family spending most our free time at the lake, in the water.  This year, because of my husbands health issues, we did not get to the lake at all.  So I decided to enroll my kids in city run swim classes so that they would at least get some swim time in and keep up on their skills.   Now with city pool water comes tons of chlorine! I mean tons!! Below is what my son's eyes looked like after a swim class.  Pretty bad, huh!

Rohto Cool MAX is an exciting NEW solution for red, irritated  eyes.  Rohto is the
number-one global eye drop brand and was first launched in  Japan over 100 years ago. Since then the brand has been consistently advancing the eye drop category with innovative technology.  Introduced to the United States market over 12 years ago, Rohto created a distinct  sub-category of “cooling eye drops” which now comprises an important & growing part of the market.  Unlike ordinary eye drops, Rohto delivers a unique cooling sensation using Freshkick technology that works wonders to soothe and comfort irritated eyes for up to eight hours – a feature that is loved and embraced by loyal fans.  The line of Rohto Cooling Eye Drop products provide fast-acting cooling relief  for a number of symptoms including red, dry, or itchy eyes caused by environmental irritants. 
Rohto Cool MAX is the newest product from the brand, hitting shelves nationwide this month. Featuring maximum-strength redness relief,  Rohto Cool Max whitens red, irritated eyes, plus  soothes and protects eyes from further irritation. As I put the drops in his eyes, there was a slight sting, but not even a minute later he was saying he could fully open his eyes with no more irritation and pain.  You may get a different reaction, but it's definitely worth a try for some relief!

For more information and to find a location near you that carries the product, visit Rohto.