Introduction to Whole Foods

Last night I had the opportunity to tour Whole Foods here in Vegas.  Our tour guide, Devan was great! The tour was very informational and fun! Tasty too with many samples along the way.  I had only shopped Whole Foods a couple times and going into a new store can be very intimidating when it's not your typical supermarket.  Whole Foods is very community oriented, which I love.  There's nothing better than a company that gives back to their community!  I wanted to share with you some fun and interesting things I learned about Whole Foods last night. 

1) On the sidewalk in front of the store, look for the days specials.  There will be one day only specials (even if the day is wrong & it's out there, they will honor it!)

2)  Right when you walk into the store, you will see an information booth like the one pictured above.  Devan is pointing to the sale sheet that you can grab and take with you as you walk around the store. You will also find recipes here. 

3)  When you buy in a case load, you will automatically get 10% off

4)  Check with your local Whole Foods to see if they have a kids club.  Our local store has a kids club every 2nd Saturday of the month.  It's free and includes crafts, cooking demos & much more!

5) Check out for step-by-step cooking videos.

6) Samples!  Who doesn't like to shop n sample at the same time!  This is the only market I have been to where they always have samples, not just on the weekends!  This watermelon was so so sweet n juicy!! Yum!!

7) Besides have a juice bar and a salad bar, did you know they also serve fresh pizza?!  Thursday night is their pizza night special with a $10 pizza with three toppings.  Pretty good too! My husband is not a pizza lover, but really enjoyed this one, I think he went back for three or four samples! lol!

We really enjoyed our tour as well as Devan.  She was great and answered all of our questions and in a timely manner!  I really encourage you to visit your local Whole Foods.  The staff is friendly and there to help you not only save, but also help you better your health with healthier options.  I for one know how confusing and intimidating it can be and not knowing where to start.  They really are there to help you make the right choices, not only financially but for your health as well!

Visit to find a store near you!  Also visit us on Twitter to see more pictures from our tour as well as the hashtag #MMStoreTours