Does your child play sports?  Is Dad around or involved?  I understand there are many single parent homes and that many Dad's work during odd hours.  But I've always been a firm believer in getting your children involved in sports AND joining them either by cheering them on from the side lines or on the fields helping coach.  My youngest son is 11 and has played ball since he was five years old.  As a mother, that is my favorite way to spend my free time.  I try to never miss a practice or game, I will take my chair, post up on the sideline and watch these young children give it all they have and build their self-esteem.  It's great to watch, there is nothing like it!  My husband works construction, when he is working.   That means he's up early and works hard.  He still takes the time to get out there with the kids and work with them, guide them and teach them, not only the sport, but how to succeed and build their self esteem.  I wish every little boy had the opportunity to play the game of baseball!

Released on DVD today, from the producers of Along Yet Not Alone, comes a heartfelt movie about legendary small town baseball coach, Joe Finn (Burgess Jenkins), who after taking his shot as a scout for the big leagues returns home to discover the damage he's done by leaving his family behind.  Now on a quest to rebuild his relationship with his son David, Joe forms a new baseball league to reinvigorate the underdog league team his son had been coaching.  Together, as father and son, they try to put away their differences and help bring their ragtag team of ball players, "The Gappers", to victory.    

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