Good Morning!!! I'm really excited to start this weekend! First and foremost because we are suppose to drop into the low 80's / high 70's!!  Finally!! Yeah, we are going to go back up to the 90's by end of week, but for now, I'm so ready to enjoy this cooler weather!  It's also the last weekend before my husband's surgery.   He's due to have his colostomy reversal next Friday, so we are super excited about that!! 

As I sit here early this beautiful morning, I wanted to remind you that Kimberly Wright's book signing is today.  You can find all the information in the post below.  I really hope you will join me.  Sounds like a great book and it gives you an excuse to visit The Family Christian Store! :)  Love that store and if you have never been, you are in for a treat!   After that I think we might just take a drive to the lake since we'll be out that way anyway.  Usually you would find us there all summer, but due to my husband's surgery we have not been in months.  With the cooler temps and no wind, it should just be beautiful out - hopefully that doesn't bring the crowds as well!  We enjoy fishing at the lake so hopefully we can catch some nice size bass!  I like to cut them into nuggets and fry them making bass nuggets - so yummy!! 

Okay, we'll I'm off to make some waffles for the family before we head out and enjoy our weekend!  I hope it's just as nice out where you are as it is here.  Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to stop by the book signing below!! xoxoxo