**Disclosure: Our family was provided with two pairs of FREETOES to help facilitate this feature.

Love Love Love this product!!!  I was born and raised in sunny California and just recently moved to Vegas.  So no matter what time of year it is, or how cold it is, you will always see me in flip flops! While, yes, it may get cold at times, flip flops are still and will always be my go to shoe.   FREETOES is perfect for those cold times.  I just can't tell you how much I really love these socks!  I can always make sure my feet are warm without having to throw on some clunky tennis shoes or boots!  Already famous for kids, tweens, teens and women in Canada, this fabulous toeless sock line is now making it’s way (finally!!) into the USA adding comfort and joy from head to toe. FREETOES are a warm-fuzzy solution to wear your flip flops year round and a perfect gift anytime of year!  Yes, really, you can gift these to me year round!! :)

Wonderful also for Mom’s at all stages of pregnancy to keep her swollen feet comforted, and a fabulous fit for all the little gals in the family with their ‘one size fits most’ toeless sock innovation.  Take FREETOES with you for a girls day out as your playful pedicure pal to keep your “piggies” free and your feet warm, but still show off your polish. A soothing solution as you relax and
walk about the spa and perfect for pirouettes while you dance and help stretch out your toes throughout a yoga class. Fabulous for comfort in travel - consumers can create their favorite way to sport their toeless socks.  Wear FREETOES and incorporate comfortable toeless socks in your
everyday walk in the park, make it part of your fun and functional fashion and style everywhere you go and your toes take you.

Adorable new designs will continue to surprise FREETOES fashion following online with their toeless socks. All FREETOES styles are Limited Editions with some returning based on popular demand.  Choose from the latest styles and colors currently available at

FREETOES toeless sock line was created by a dynamic young gal Katelyn Lohr out of Canada when she was 8 years old as she simply snipped off her toes on her socks and began to wear them with her flip flops creating her own style against her parents rules one Winter. She received interest early on as she stepped out in her toeless socks, seeing many were taking notice of her style - she quickly
began selling and in one week she made $100. She encouraged the support of her Oma (Grandma) to get more socks, cut them and sew the frayed ends - then selling 10,000 pairs soon after.  Katelyn developed awareness for FREETOES with her initial outreach at markets and fairs and eventually her story and product line was featured on the Canadian TV hit series Dragon’s Den for entrepreneurs. Now, 13 years old, with her Mom, Karina (Momma FREETOES) and a full team behind her booming business in Canada and being globally recognized - they are now bringing their bright idea to the USA.

Katelyn has also established her non-profit organization K8 which supports Project Aftershock and they have donated over 300 pairs of FREETOES to orphaned children from the Haiti Earthquake using their sock design to assist in wound dressings for feet, knees, elbows to help keep them secure and in place.