Camping with Pillsbury’s

Our family loves to camp! Even if it's too hot to camp, we enjoy just taking day trips to the lake or take a drive up into the mountains.  I hope you’ve been able to take advantage of these beautiful summer afternoons and nights with family and friends as well! If you’re looking to get out of the house and into the heat, Pillsbury is here to share some creative, easy (and yummy) ideas to entertain the little ones for hours.  Living on the West Coast, we have an advantage of grilling just about year round - it's my favorite way to cook!  Just grab a tent, make a fire and dish up some of these camp-inspired ideas for a night of magical family moments under the stars.
1.       Have a kid-friendly backyard “drive-in” movie night with a large bed sheet and projector.
2.       Food on a stick is fun with Pillsbury’s Crescent Dog on a Stick – no cleanup required!
3.       Use glow necklaces and glow bracelets for a few rounds of nighttime ring toss.
4.       Pillsbury’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars are easy to make ahead and will be the star of  any summer potluck.
5.       Tie vases to your fence or deck and fill with plants or flowers to spruce up the party.
6.       What’s an outdoor summer night without s’mores? Pillsbury’s Grilled Chocolate Chip S'more Cookie Pizza is a fun twist on the classic treat but when the bugs start buzzing too loudly, try this melt-y dessert that can be enjoyed inside - S'mores Pizza Roll Up.
7.       String paper lanterns in low hanging branches to light up the night.  
8.       Making Pillsbury’s Grilled Half and Half Pizza is easy to do when following along with this how-to video.
9.       No pool? Stay cool by frolicking through sprinklers on a hot afternoon.  
10.   Grilled Biscuit Cheeseburgers are quick and easy summer meals.
The recipes above are simple enough for kids to help mom prepare in the kitchen and quickly transport to the backyard for fun and entertainment. For more gooey snacks that all ages will enjoy, check out our 10 s'mores recipes to make before summer ends!