Get in the Zone!

**Disclosure: Although I have entered the program and received complimentary product and ZonePerfect promotional items, I am free to comment about ZonePerfect in a positive, neutral or negative fashion and all opinions are of my own.  

Going through the year with the thought in mind to change my lifestyle to a more healthy, productive one has been challenging to say the least!  With the help of Zone Perfect Bars, I've managed to get through.  I'll be the first one to admit, that yes, sometimes I do struggle and do fall.  But I get right back up, get back on track and keep going.  I'm not done and will not give up!  I have been able to make small changes along the way and wanted to share some of these tips with you.  It's basic simple choices that everyone can make. 

Refraining from soda I know can be a hard one.  C affine can be so addicting and after your body becomes use to it, it will start craving it.  Cut back on your soda by drinking some flavored water or instead of sweet tea, try unsweetened tea.  I'll be honest, the taste will take some getting use to - but....your body will thank you for it in the long run.   Need a light pick me up snack in between meals?  That's when I go to my stash of Zone Perfect Bars.  They are so yum, especially if I'm having a sweet tooth or just need a quick pick me up - it's all I need!  

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