Personal Reflection

Today my husband & I are celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary! Our love story is an amazing story of love and how God works.  When I think of it, I am still in aw!  We dated when we were in our late teens.  I was friends with his brother and when he came home from the Army - I was like "wow"! I gotta have the guy! lol!  So I went after him and we dated for a bit, then drifted our separate ways.  I kept in touch with his brother off and on as the years passed by - never really asking about his brother, although it was always in the back of my head.   I ended up getting married and was in an abusive relationship for ten long years.  My ex-husband was a heroin addict who physically and emotionally abused me. I felt trapped, always asking God "why me? What did I do so wrong to deserve this?"  After ten years, he had held a knife on the kids & I - that was it for me, I had to get out.  I filed for a restraining order & a divorce and finally worked up the nerve to ask about his brother. 

Now Michael was going through his own struggles.  He was going through a situation that was also coming to an end - a situation that had totally transformed his life.  We got back in touch and within a month was back together.  He helped me get out here to Vegas and on my feet, took the kids and I in and here we are!  It's just amazing that after all these years, I know now why I went through everything I did.  It totally made me the person I am today and he had plans for me that I never even could have imagined!  If Michael & I had got in contact any sooner or any later, it would have not worked - but it was God's perfect timing that brought us together at the right time in our lives - taking us each through situations that made us the people we are today - then bringing us back together at just the right time.   Just amazes me how God works!!

Happy Anniversary Baby - I love you so much and am so very thankful for all that you do and continue to do for our family!!