Skylanders Valentines!

Are you preparing for your children's Valentines Day party at school? Although I home school my children and we don't have a "class party" we do create Valentines to give out to their friends at church or to family we see.  Skylanders is huge with kids these days.  We do have the set at home and I can tell you it's probably played on a weekly basis.  It's a fun interacting game, different from others.  Each has their favorite character or one to whom they think they are similar too!  This year, let them be the popular child whose valentine everyone wants to receive by giving out the latest Skylanders themed Valentine’s Day items. With a variety of different cards, stickers AND a unique LED watch, they are sure to win over that special someone in class with these Skylanders themed gifts.  The items, available online and at various Walmart and Target locations nationwide, are sure to make your child the star of the classroom!