Nutrisystem Update + Cravings

**Disclosure:  This is part of a three month campaign with Nutrisystem.  I have been provided product to use to help facilitate this review at no charge so that I can give you an honest and through review of the program as I go through the three months. 

Six weeks into the program and down 14 pounds!! I am so happy with the Nutrisystem Program, by no means would I call this a diet.  I think I would call this more like learning portion control and learning a new way of eating as well as an introduction to veggies and learning the different ways to prepare them.   Two of my favorite foods are pizza & chocolate!!  Before the program, I could eat four to five slices of pizza and snack on chocolate all day.  Now, don't think that when you join the program you have to give up your favorite foods.  I still have pizza at least twice a week lol!!  Plus it's great, because when I get pizza for the family, I can make my own personal pizza from Nutrisystem.  I really enjoy it and it satisfies my pizza cravings.  Now when it comes to chocolate, if you really cannot be without your chocolate like me - you can surely have plenty of it while on the program.   They have breakfast & lunch bars that are chocolate, they have chocolate shakes and even a few different dessert choices with chocolate in them.  So there's def not a shortage of chocolate - in face some days when I'm really craving chocolate, I do have it for breakfast, my chocolate shake and a chocolate dessert - oh and they even have lunch bars that are chocolate - so some days it can be too much, so I have learned to spread the chocolate out lol!   All in all, I have really enjoyed the food.  They have such a wide variety of food - what ever your craving may be, I am sure you will find some way to incorporate it within the programs long list of food choices!!