Nutrisystem - Week 2

**Disclosure:  I am working with Nutrisystem as a brand ambassador for three months.  No monetary compensation has been received.  All opinions are of my own.

I have officially completed week two of the Nutrisystem program.   In two weeks I am down 8 pounds!!! How sweet is that! I am so excited and it does keep me motivated to keep going!  My first week was on the Fast5 programs, so this past week was the first week I have been on the regular program.  I thought I would be starving - but in fact sometimes I feel like I'm eating so much!  On the program I eat about every two hours - I have my three meals that they provide, then I add my own veggies and snacks. 

There has defiantly been some hard times! lol!  I do love to eat and when my family has taco night or pizza - I just hold my head up and really focus!! The food is surprising good!! It does not taste like diet food!  When they have pizza, I will make my own little pizza with a salad and that satisfies my cravings.   I am really impressed with the program.

One of my favorite things about the program, is that not all the food has to be in the freezer.   About half the food has a shelf life.   We are a spur of the moment family and when our power went out Saturday morning we decided to go camping.   It was so easy to take my own supple of food and snacks - I didn't miss anything!

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