Blue Nile

Still looking for the perfect gift for her?  You can't lose with jewelry! But still not exactly sure what to get?  No worries! Blue Nile has a fun Leave Nothing to Chance App that will help you find that perfect, no fail gift!  You will be guided through five fun, tongue in cheek, lifestyle questions such as, "Skinny dipping at night with good friends or a good book and a warm bath?"  The application uses the responses and Facebook data in a scientific algorithm to identify the person's fashion personality, such as "Jet Setter", "Queen Bee" or "Understated Beauty."  It will then issue a personalized infographic about your style along with a few product recommendations, which you can customize and share on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. There are 30 different personalities and it is extremely accurate. Those who participate will be entered to win a three carat diamond tennis bracelet.  The winner will be announced on Dec. 30th.  Also, if you share the app with your friends, you can score a coupon code for $10 off a Blue Nile purchase once the friend takes the quiz.  

I took the quiz to see how accurate this really is.  I was pretty impressed.  I'm not a big jewelry fan, I do not like yellow gold and pretty much just wear rings.  It classified me as Timeless Original - that I appreciate classic style, but with my own twist.  It also gave me products that "fit" into classification.  I also love topaz -

They hit it right on the money! Totally would love this as a gift and I'll admit, I am a timeless classic - but with my own twists!  Without doubt, this app will help you find that perfect, last minute gift!  You can even take the test yourself for fun!  But hurry here, this app will only be available until Monday, December 23rd.

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