As a family, we love giving back.  Although we try to keep it up all year long, this time of year it seems to come out more.  Last year we participated in SOS radio's Random Acts of Christmas and it just gives you a great feeling to reach out to a stranger! Especially in today's world!  SOS is a Christian radio station that we listen too here in Vegas.  I know there are some other good Christian stations out there, but this one I love because it's local.  Even if you don't live in Vegas, I challenge you to take up this random act - at least just once!  The station is in other cities, including California, New Mexico, Idaho, they do have letters set up for those states and a few others as well.   Print out  the letters they have online here and take it with you as you go about your day. Hand it to the cashier as you go through the drive through so they can give to the person behind you in line & go ahead & cover their expense!  It's just a little note to let them know you care.  Plus it's a perfect opportunity to introduce them to the Christmas music on SOS Radio.... and maybe, just maybe, introduce them to Christ!