Microsoft Office 2013 for Dummies

**Disclosure: This is part of a compensated campaign through Resourceful Mommy Media and Microsoft.  

It's been so many years since I have taking computer classes!  I really did use to be a wiz when it came to computers, what ever you needed done, I was able to do!  Then school was over, I had kids and went on with my life, not using the programs as I once did.   The knowledge was lost over they years.  Over time and as I have starting working from home as well as learning to budget, I often get lost and have no idea where to start!  This book gives me back control and helps to boost my productivity.  I don't have time to take lengthy classes or spend money on learning programs I'll never get to, which makes this book the perfect solution!

This helpful guide walks you step-by-step through the various parts of the Office suite.  Get your point across with Word, build spreadsheets with Excel, prepare persuasive presentations with PowerPoint, manage e-mail with Outlook, and organize your data with Access - quickly and easily. 

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