Probiotic Choc-Vs

*Disclosure: Our family did receive one pack to personally experience the product.  No compensation was received.  Information is of our own experience as well as information we received from the client.  Please check with your Doctor before taking any supplement.

Do you ever find it difficult to get your children to take their vitamins.  When I was a kid, it was not something I agreed with unless it tasted like candy! Chocolate is a favorite in our home.  I don't think a day goes by that you won't see someone grubbing on some chocolate!  When we first received these, I was not too sure what they were.  Choc-V's Probiotic + prebiotic fiber is an all natural supplement that helps to restore digestive health and helps to strengthen natural defense systems.  They also contain Prebiotic Fiber which helps promote the effectiveness of the probiotic.

How do they taste? That is usually the ultimate question and the determining factor in most food / vitamin purchases - right? I have a nine year old girl and a son who is ten.  I asked both kids separate from each other, how it tasted.  Although this is white chocolate - they both told me that it tasted like candy corn!  So, I'd say that is a good enough assumption that they would be willing to take this on a daily basis!