Ghosting It Forward

Love this! As you know our family loves paying it forward and helping others when we can.  When I came across this the other day - I thought it sounded so much fun! I printed out the information, shared it with my family and the kids could not wait to start!  I'm also going to share this with a few groups I belong too.  Should be a lot of fun!  Here's how it works -

Ghosting is done a week or more before the big day.  All you need is some Halloween candy or a small gift, three brown paper lunch bags, three copies of the "You've Been Ghosted" letter & three copies of the ghost picture.  Put the candy or gift, one letter and one picture in each of the brown paper bags.  When it's dark, sneak over to a neighbor's house with an adult, leave the bag on their porch, ring the bell and run away.  Don't let them see you.  Your Ghosted neighbors will in turn, Ghost two more people.  Before you know it, it will spread throughout the neighborhood, and maybe the entire city! 

So what are you waiting for? Visit their website to learn more and connect with them on their networks below.  Should be fun sharing our stories & Ghosting! :)