How to keep your Family Healthy this Flu Season

 **Disclosure: Our family was provided a GreatCall cell plus a month of service to experience their service. No monetary compensation was received.

Now that we are officially in Fall and kids are back in school, now is the time that as parents we start to worry about our families health.  Kids seem to spread germs like wildfire, especially at school, them come home and pass it to the family!  As we featured GreatCall a few posts back, we wanted to touch base on this awesome app that is also available. It's a great tool, that will not only help you keep your family healthy, but will also save you time and money!  The free GreatCall Urgent Care App allows you to -
  • Have one-touch access to a live nurse for advice 24/7, who can escalate the call to a board-certified physician if needed
  • Get health-related assessments, general health information, diagnosis or even a prescription
  • Have access to an easy-to-understand medical dictionary
  • Research your symptoms with the medical symptom checker tool.
It’s particularly convenient to use this tool when:
  • You simply don’t have time to run to the doctor,
  • You need medical advice when your physician or Urgent Care is closed or unavailable
  • You don’t feel totally comfortable discussing your symptoms in person with your normal doctor
  • You want to save money. (The app is free, and calls are only $3.99. Much less expensive than a doctor’s bill or co-pay!)
  • You have a quick on-set of symptoms
The Urgent Care app is a unique service that combines the best features of a medical library and medical symptom checker tool on your smartphone, plus unlimited access to live, registered nurses who can escalate to a board-certified doctor anytime, day or night. You can browse volumes of medical dictionaries using the look-up feature that offers step-by-step descriptions of commonly practiced procedures and treatments. And the Interactive Symptom Checker tool will allow you to identify symptoms and possible causes, so you know when to self-treat and when to contact a medical professional.  Totally love this app and best of all it's free to use the app!! #MomApproved