Child Passenger Safety Week

To help raise awareness about child safety during Child Passenger Safety Week, September 15th – 21st -- and beyond, released its 2013 Child Passenger Safety Tips and Resource Guide. The guide is available online at and offers key car seat safety advice and tips, as well as online resources.

Some key facts on child passenger safety:

•    Children ages two to five who use safety belts prematurely are four times more likely to suffer a serious head injury in a crash than children in safety or booster seats.(1)
•    Of children ages 12 and under who died in vehicle crashes in 2011, 33 percent were unrestrained.(1)
•    Four out of five safety seats are used incorrectly, averaging a startling three mistakes per seat.(1)

The Child Passenger Safety Tips and Resource Guide includes the following safety information:

•    Car Seat Guidelines by Age (for example, children under two should always ride in a rear facing car seat)
•    Child Passenger Safety Tips (from locking down electric window buttons to proper seat belt use)
•    Links to key resources on child passenger safety


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