Jamba Juice 4 Kids

*Disclosure: I was provided a gift card to help facilitate this feature.  No compensation was received and all opinions are of my own, your opinion may vary.

Jamba Juice is one of my favorite places! I'm not very good at remembering to eat breakfast & lunch.  A lot of times I get so busy that before I realize it, it's almost time to make dinner.   This is where Jamba Juice comes in.  If I'm out running errands then I'll usually stop at Jamba Juice to get their breakfast smoothies.  I like the strawberry ones with granola and bananas on top.  I always have them put extra granola on the bottom too, I just have to make sure I don't let it sit for too long, otherwise the granola gets a bit soggy.  But that is my go to drink! Before, I use to dread going with my kids, they just did not cater to the younger crowd - but now, I'm happy to say that this is a Mom Favorite now & I not only enjoy taking the kids, but it gives me an extra excuse to go more often!

Jamba Juice now has specialty kids drinks.  What makes this every more special is that they have kids meals!  They have four different flavors that the kids can choose from like Berry Beet It and Strawberries Gone Banana's (which the kids loved)! They also have two yummy options when it comes to the food! Both are good and it's really a flip of the coin - the first is a cheese stuffed pretzel and the other is a pizza swirl with turkey.  Now you tell me how hard of a decision that is!! I'm so happy that Jamba Juice has finally jumped on board and really started catering to the entire family.  For more information visit www.jambajuice.com