As kids make their way back to school, one app that might be helpful for parents and students is CallSnap, a free downloadable Android app that allows users to respond to a phone call with a personalized photo. 
When a mobile call comes in, CallSnap appears on the screen and when chosen, declines the call and allows the phone owner to then send the caller a photo of what they are doing at the time. The phone user can choose one of many messages to accompany the photo such as “I’m busy, here’s what I’m doing.” The experience is made more efficient since neither the caller nor the user needs to follow up further, while the photo aspect makes the experience more engaged and personal.

Although texting is often considered the preferred form of communication among the younger generation, TIP expects the CallSnap app will appeal to users because of the popularity of photosharing and interactive apps.  I totally love the idea!  My husband & I played around with it for awhile, it's something you def have to practice with!  Learn more about CallSnap by Clicking Here