Have you ever juiced? I never knew how cool it was until I was searching the net for a way to get healthy and lose some weight.  With the help of Omega Juicers, who gave us a great discount on their top juicer, we have started the trend of juicing! I'm excited and can't wait to see the changes yet to come.  We are now on day three.  I'll tell you, the first couple days were the worst.  I had a migraine, got tired of drinking all day and just wasn't liking the taste. Now that we are on day three, I feel better, have more energy and have lost four pounds. All of that, with the support of my husband, pushes me to keep going.  Now our plan at first was to go on a juice fast, but after day one and not making it through, we decided to just juice breakfast & dinner, with a healthy meal in between.  No carbs or sugar though! Yesterday for example, for lunch I had a plate of cooked cabbage with some onions - it was so yummy! I love cabbage! I can tell you that juicing is a great way to take in the veggies and fruits you normally would not eat.  I will be honest and say, I do not eat nearly enough fruits and veggies.  Juicing - I get so much more, meet the amount needed daily and it fuels my body.  I will keep you all updated on our progress and we'll also have a special feature on the amazing juicer from Omega that I'm just in love with! Cheers & Happy Juicing!