Anthony's Pasta

Tired of fighting your kids to eat more veggies every night at dinner? Anthony's provided our family with some samples of their NEW Anthony’s Hidden Veggie Pasta. With a full serving of veggies in every 4 oz portion, Hidden Veggie looks and tastes like regular pasta…bringing your family more veggies without the fight.  Of course when any company makes claims like those, as a Mom, we are a bit hesitant.  Let me tell you, next time I buy pasta, it will be Anthony's Hidden Veggie Pasta.  I was very impressed.  Personally I even liked it better than the normal pasta we buy.  It had no taste of veggies, it really tasted like wheat noodles, which I loved. It had more of a thicker, filling consistency. My kids (who are 8 & 10) could not even tell the difference, in fact, they had seconds, and one even had thirds! This product is Mommy Approved! 

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