Anthony’s Hidden Veggie Pasta

What is your dinner routine? Are you tired of fighting the kids to eat their veggies? I know for us, we go through this almost every night. As a family we sit around the table and eat dinner every night together.  And every night, we go through the same thing with our kids. Anthony's Pasta sent us some boxes of their new Hidden Veggie Pasta to try.  With a full serving of veggies in every 4 oz portion, Hidden Veggie looks and tastes like regular pasta…bringing your family more veggies without the fight.  I made some spaghetti with this for the kids and they did not even notice the difference.  I used it a second night to make some pasta with chicken and shrimp in an alfredo sauce. Yum! Kids didn't even notice! I can tell you that my husband and I did notice the difference. Not a bad difference though. It was a "tougher" noodle.  I actually enjoyed it, especially since I knew it was much better for me than the regular noodles we ate. 

As a mom & noodle lover, I highly recommend giving this new product a try.  It's not only much healthier for you, but your kids will never know and it will eliminate those nightly veggie frowns! 

**Disclosure: Anothony's Pasta did provide us with the product to facilitate in our review. No monetary compensation was received.