Yum-V's Jellie multi-vitamins

I remember as a kid taking vitamins daily. I loved it! To me, they were like candy, I had the certain flavors I liked the most and even sometimes would sneak in an extra one! Vitamins must taste good. That's just a must if you want your kids to enjoy them and learn the habit of taking a vitamin daily, but finding a good vitamin that not only tastes good, but also does its job can be confusing and difficult sometimes. Yum-V's provides a range of nutritional supplements for children in delicious flavors they'll love and are all pectin-based instead of gelatin, so they don't stick to your teeth and are softer and tastier than their gelatin alternatives.

Yum V's Multi Vitamin plus Mineral Formula Jellies Description:
  • Children's Multivitamin/Multimineral Supplement
  • With Choline to Support Healthy Brain Function
  • 100% Vitamin D
  • 100% Vitamin C
Start getting your children in the habit of taking vitamins so that in the long run it will pay back and benefit their health! Please contact your personal Doctor for any recommendations on what your children need! It's always good to keep up to date and in contact with your children's health professions so it becomes a routine as they get older!

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