Progresso Recipe Starters

Game Day is one of the best days of the year to get together with friends and enjoy some delicious food and fun. This year, let Progresso Recipe Starters be the perfect teammate and help you score big at your party. With plenty of recipe ideas for different Game Day snacks, Progresso Recipe Starters will make sure you have a crowd-pleasing performance.

 Check out this line of Progresso Recipe Starters and use some of the favorite recipe ideas below for your Game Day party!

 Creamy Portabella Mushroom: Creamy and highly indulgent, this smooth sauce is rich with sautéed Portabella mushrooms, giving you any easy way to start delicious dishes like  Cheesy-Mushroom Joes and Mushroom-Swiss Burgers.

Game Day Idea: Bacon Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms
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 Creamy Roasted Garlic: With caramelized, roasted chicken broth, garlic and a touch of cream, this stock is perfect for dishes such as Cheesy Turkey Sandwiches, Chicken Enchiladas and Green Chiles Chicken Quesadillas.

Game Day Idea: Easy White Chicken Chili
Recipe Link:

 Fire Roasted Tomato:  A medium-thick tomato sauce, accompanied by flavors of roasted, caramelized tomatoes, oregano and bell peppers, which can be used as a great way to begin creating Buffalo Chicken-Potato Bake, Saucy Meatball Hoagies and Zesty Turkey Tacos.

Game Day Idea: Pulled Chicken Sandwiches
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We’d love to see and hear how your Game Day party went.  Let us know how your Game Day goodies turned out. Are there any great recipe ideas that we missed? Feel free to share your favorite with us.
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