To Love is to Hate

Have you heard the saying "when something  you love, is also something you hate"?  This is my take on technology in the world today.  My husband & I were just talking about this and I tell you, as much as I love technology, I can honestly say I hate it just as much!

Think about it for a minute. Think about when our Grandparents were children. Growing up they had no cell phones, game systems, computers and Internet, right? And remember how close families were back then?  I remember our family as kids would always get together and was really close.  As technology slowly came into the picture, our family time slowly drifted away more and more.  Families just are not close today as they were back then...and I strongly believe that is due to technology over running our daily lives. Yes, we do play a role in it, but it's almost like an addiction.  We are so busy on our phones either being nosy on social media sites, and yes, I say nosy because that's basically what we are doing on these sites.  Either seeing what other people our into and how their lives are going or bloating about how wonderful our lives are.  So afraid we are going to miss something.  Really? Can't we just pick up the phone like they did back in the day and carry on a normal conversation?  A friend of mine & I were talking the other day and she said her & her husband were in the middle of watching a movie and her husband got up just to check his facebook.

We can't seem to sit through a movie, dinner or even go out with family these days without having our face in technology at the same time.  Put the dang phone down, get off the game system, shut down the computer and forget about social media sites, forget about keeping up to date with what your friends & family are doing at every moment of everyday and actually embrace and enjoy your own family!

 I have been working on this myself.  I try to leave my phone at home when going to church, out to dinner with family or a family outing.  I can't stand going to church or dinner and seeing everyone on their phones - why even go if you are not going to give the respect and give your full attention to the person or place you are at with your family?  Although you honestly may not feel it, it does give the person / people your with an impression that your technology & what you are doing on it is more important then the person your with. 

Honestly think about how closer your family would be if it was not for technology.  Think about the kids not having their game systems and cell phones & Mom & Dad having no technology too.  I think alot of families wouldn't even know what to do with themselves or even how to carry on a conversation with their own family because they are so use to everyone going their separate ways  Do what you have to do for work and get off the computer, spend your time with the kids or your spouse.  Your marriage should be one of your top priorities in life, if your marriage is not solid, either will your household be solid.  Think about how much more time you could be committing to your children, and your spouse.  All I ask is that next time you reach for your cell phone, controller or mouse - just think about it for a minute, what's more important? Can this really, honestly wait? Think about your spouse and your children - who needs you more? The computer? The game system? Your cell phone? OR YOUR FAMILY?