Back to School with Target

It’s Back to School season and Target has stylish and affordable solutions to help moms and students make the grade. From stylish apparel to basic supplies, BTS shopping on a budget is fun at Target! As most of of you know since I don't hide it - Target is my upmost favorite place to shop!! The isles are wide and not crowded, the store is kept clean and in order, there is almost always an employee around and available to help and the prices....omg the prices is what brings me back week after week.  And yes, I honestly go there on a weekly basis if not more! Love it!!  I wanted to take today to share with you some of my favorites for the upcoming school year. 

Aren't these so cute!!! Rope Erasers! Under a buck and so much more fun than those boring square erasers!

Text or Tv Memo Board Lights - Leave a message for a family member or a reminder about that important assignment that's due - these are great for any teens room.

At $12.99 these lap desks are great for on the go. For busy families or simply a change of scenery, kids can grab their back packs and do their homework where ever they may be. 

Arctic Zone Days of the Week Snack Pack Set-$11.99 & Aladdin Food Storage Containers in Assorted Colors and Sizes-$3.99-$12.99 For busy moms these are great to get ready for the week and have on hand as needed.  Not only for school, but for road trips, Dr. appointments, etc....

Visit for all your back to school needs!!