Searching for your "Home"

As some of you know, we have been spending the past few months looking for a house.  We've looked at many houses and dealt with many agents.  After weeks of looking we finally are in our new home and couldn't be happier!  If your in Vegas, or planning to move to Vegas, I highly recommend Total Real Estate of Nevada.  I also wanted to share a few tips we learned along the way to hopefully help you while looking for your next home:
  • Remember, this is not just a house, this is your home.  Somewhere you will raise your children, live your life and make memories in.  Of course style, room and other things come into place, but should not be the first thing you think about.
  • Find a good agent and stick with that one.  A good agent is hard to come by these days.  With so many empty houses, you can sometimes feel unimportant and on their back burner.  A good agent will touch base with you often, not make you feel like you are inconveniencing them and stay on top of things to make sure you find the home your looking for. 
  • The agent is just the go between, so you'll want to find out what real estate company is managing the property.  My husband & I found a house we just fell in love with as we pulled in the driveway.  It just had that "homey" feel.  We knew that was the house we wanted.  We had our agent try deal after deal with the property management company and finally accepted their offer.  Once we went in to pay the application fee, we got a really bad vibe. The attitude of the employees was horrible, they made us feel so not welcome and very stand offish.   We knew this was the house we wanted, BUT did we want these people as our landlords for as long as we occupy the property? How are they going to react when something goes wrong and needs to be fixed? 
At the same time we submitted an application to the above property, we also submitted our application to Total Real Estate of Nevada for another property which had the same layout.  It ended up the first house, an applicant before us was given the home.  So we waited and prayed for our second choice to go through.  We worked with Steve at Total Real Estate of Nevada.  The moment my husband & I met Steve, we knew he was working for US.  He was honest with us, upfront and made us feel like we were friends sitting around the table talking about our "home".   We were approved for the property, but unfortunately it had a few issues; the air conditioner was out, the motor on the washer was out and the window out front was broken.  With in a week of moving in, Steve had us a brand new air conditioner, a new window and an order for a new washer.  My husband and I feel so blessed with our house and feel this was God that matched us with this house and this property management company.  I can honestly say, with all my moving over the years, I have never worked with a better property management company such as Total Real Estate of Nevada.

If your searching for a home in the Las Vegas area give Total Real Estate of Nevada a call!!! You can see their current property listings by clicking here.

Total Real Estate Of Nevada
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Las Vegas, NV 89146 
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**Disclosure: No compensation or product was received for this feature. Total Real Estate of Nevada just impressed us so much I had to give them a shout out**