Pledge to play safely in the sun this summer!

Can you believe that kids are spending more than seven hours per day plugged into media ­ watching TV, texting, video gaming ­ and only seven minutes per day outside playing?  Isn't odd these days with so much technology the kids aren't playing outdoors like we use to and I really believe that affects the family as a whole.  To help spread the word about the importance of spending time outdoors, Banana Boat partnered with Sara Snow, natural living expert. With her tips for summer sun protection (i.e., sunscreen application, staying hydrated), now you can have fun in the sun with your families, safely.

Banana Boat is asking parents to take the 101 Days of Summer Play pledge ( <>) to commit to enjoying fun in the sun with their families every day, all season long. Each pledge will trigger a donation of one bottle of new Banana Boat Natural Reflect Sunscreen to The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, a non-profit founded by Paul Newman that offers a residential summer camp for children coping with cancer and other serious illnesses.  And to help parents come up with ways to enjoy the outdoors, Banana Boat and Sara Snow created the 101 Days of Summer Play Activity Guide featuring family-friendly tips and ideas for outdoor fun each day of the season so families enjoy the sunshine. 

With so many fun activities keeping families outside this summer, it is important to stay safe in the sun. This year, the iconic sun care brand is introducing Banana Boat Sunscreen Natural Reflect Lotion and Banana Boat Sport Performance CoolZone Continuous Spray Sunscreen that will become staples in your summer bags:

Banana Boat Sunscreen Natural Reflect Lotion ­ Available in SPF 50+, Kids 50+ and Baby 50+, this unique formula offers sun protection using naturally sourced sunscreen actives that reflect UVA and UVB rays. The new Banana Boat Natural Reflect underwent extensive testing in seven conditions ­ sun, pool water, ocean water, wind, sweat, sand and even 100° heat ­ to ensure sun protection.

Banana Boat Sport Performance CoolZone Continuous Spray Sunscreen  ­ Available in SPF 30 and 50+, Banana Boat Sport Performance CoolZone Continuous Spray Sunscreen  provides active UVA and UVB protection that instantly cools skin on contact, for a clean, refreshing feeling. To rejuvenate after a day in the sun, Banana Boat Sport Performance CoolZone After Sun Aloe Gel provides cooling burn relief to refresh skin.

About Sara Snow:
Sara Snow is a natural living expert, mom and host of Discovery Health's "Get Fresh with Sara Snow." Sara travels the country and beyond in search of producers of products and services that make natural and greenliving easier and more accessible for the everyday citizen