Weight Watchers Ice Cream

Those that have ever been on a diet (which I know is most of us) have tried the diet; low calorie ice cream, right?  Diet food, for some reason just never seems to taste the same, which makes it hard for many of us to continue our boring, non-flavorful food diets.  Before even trying the Weight Watchers Ice Cream, of course I already had my assumptions....and boy was I wrong!! They had sent us four different flavors to try and everyone in our family tired them.  The kids favorite was the fudge pops and my Fiance & I devoured the Dark Chocolate Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Bars.  Oh my gosh, I'm telling you guys - this in no way tastes like a low calorie, diet kind of ice cream.  I was so impressed!!

These hands down were our favorite - and even when we're not dieting, we'll be reaching for these! I do have only one down fall with these - they are just too darn small!! Sometimes I'll admit I end up eating two lol!  But that's probably where cutting the calories comes in.....and I much rather sacrifice amount / size for taste anytime!!  You can't go wrong with only 120 calories, 4.5 grams of fat and 0 grams trans fat! What counts is the little choices you make each day.....and let me tell you - this will not feel like a step, but a special treat that you can have without "breaking the diet" :)  YUMMY!! Love these!! **mom's must buy**

**Disclosure: The products tested for the review of this feature were provided by MomSelect through Weight Watchers** No compensation was received.