Prevent Back to School Clutter

Now that September is in full swing and the kids are back to school, clutter is abound.  From permission slips to PTA mailings to art projects, papers are filling up mailboxes and littering formerly pristine coffee tables.

Parents can ensure that important letters don't get buried under piles of junk mail by signing up for a free account with Catalog Choice (  The Berkeley-based non-profit allows individuals to opt-out of unsolicited mail, including catalogs, phone books, flyers, circulars, coupons and credit card offers, making sure that report cards don't get lost in the shuffle and that permission slips get filled out on time.

About Catalog Choice
Founded in 2007 to provide consumers greater control over the marketing materials that enter their mailboxes, Catalog Choice is the world’s largest preference and privacy portal with more than 1.4 million consumer members and 4,100 direct marketing companies.  By reducing unnecessary mail and phone books, Catalog Choice’s free and low-cost services reduce deforestation, greenhouse gases, solid waste and water consumption. Catalog Choice, a non-profit organization based in Berkeley, Calif., is supported by grants from the Overbrook Foundation, Kendeda Fund, Merck Family Fund and Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund, as well as donations from members.