Mindbloom is a fun, simple, and effective interactive life game to help people improve their quality of life. No offense to Farm Town and Bejeweled, but Mindbloom is about enhancing real lives, not virtual worlds and the company is taking a new approach to inspire people to define what’s important, discover what motivates them, and take meaningful daily actions in all areas of their life. Mindbloom is about helping anyone grow the life they want in a few minutes a day.  

One of the reasons I really love this is because from the get go, it really makes you think about your own personal life and what is important to you.  Mindbloom’s goal is to put the power of behavioral science behind the social gaming phenomenon to inspire people to achieve their offline life priorities – health, lifestyle, career, creativity, relationships, finances, and spirituality. For example, in our beta, we have discovered that our users are already experiencing a few everyday victories in the physical world such as calling their parents more, calmly responding to issues instead of blaming and criticizing their spouse, brewing their coffee to save money on lattes, and drinking 8 oz of water daily. Personally, I’ve been testing the service to find more time for myself, probing to find out more about what my son did at school other than recess, saving for our upcoming marriage, and to do little nice things for my fiance'. The founders created the company during an Oprah moment (literally) after putting on a few “sympathy” pounds and realizing they were missing too many “daddy moments.” They have a great story.  

There is charge that comes with using Mindbloom - but jumping on board now can save you tons!! The regular price is $89!  But if you hurry over, now through November first it's only $34.   As a mom of a large family I really appreciate the game and taking a "breather' if you'll say to think about what I really want in life - not only for myself, but my family as well.