If you follow my blog on a regular basis you know that one of my favorite things to do is spend my weekends at the ballpark watching my boy play ball!  With parents busy schedule these days, or being a single mom with two kids playing ball and not being able to be at both games at the same time, how can you keep up with the game you are missing?  Many parents of young players face that annual dilemma -- what to do when they can’t make it to a child’s game…

Fortunately, one company is making it possible for busy parents stuck at work to follow live play-by-plays of each game on their computer or phone: GameChanger (  GameChanger delivers live youth/amateur baseball game updates to the web, where parents and other fans (think grandma and grandpa!) who can’t be at the field can follow along and “watch” the action in real time.  Love it! 

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