Friday's Find - NightAlly

While other safety alarms exist for various smart phones, NightAll is unique in that users can activate the app prior to taking to the streets. Most personal safety applications (PSAs) are activated by pushing a button on the screen, which forces the user to focus on their phone, not the situation. Since NightAlly allows users to pre-arm their iPhones, should a problem arise, all users need to do is shake their iPhone to initiate the very loud alarm and a shockingly bright flashing light. There’s no time lag and no fumbling with buttons or phone keys. NightAlly lets them stay forced and in control.

An introductory “light” version of NightAlly is available at the Apple App Store for $0.99 and works on both G3 and G4 iPhones. Soon-to be-released upgrades include additional sounds and flashes/flares, plus autodialing for pre-designated numbers and 911.  I love this and think spending the .99 cents is so worth it!  Being a single mother and a survivor of domestic violence the added security is great and gives me more peace of mind when I'm sleeping.   I love that I can activate this before I go to sleep.  I can keep it on my night stand and in case of an emergency all I have to do is reach over for it and shake it!

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