I am a busy mom of four very active children.   Many days as soon as the kids get home from school, we are off to baseball practice or some other activity.   The kids always want to grab a snack to bring with them.  Of course as any Mother, I want my children to grab a snack that is good for them and will keep their interest!    Raisels is the latest snack sensation from the National Raisin Company.  The first 100% real fruit that actually tastes like candy, Raisels are golden raisins that are fun to eat and a healthy alternative to cookies, candies and more!  They come of four fun flavors including Sour Apple, Sour Orange, Sour Lemon and Sour Peach.  They are available in 6 packs of 1.25 oz portion-controlled boxes and can be found in your grocer's dried fruit section.

With the sour flavors my kids had a kick laughing at each other's faces as we tried these!  They even had a game going on to see who could eat one first without making a face!  The kids loved these, it was a great snack to grab and go.  Raisels are rich in antioxidants, fat free, cholesterol free, and contain no sodium or high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners.  They also have the 100% recommended daily allowance for Vitamin C.

For more information about Raisels, visit www.raisels.com  you can also find Raisels on Facebook & Twitter!

**Disclosure:  I was provided a sample product from Raisels through Team Mom.  No monetary compensation was received.