Valentines Day is NOT just for Lovers!

Bloom Avenue, the social flower company, wants everyone to know that Valentine’s gifts are not just for significant others.  While millions of lovers will inevitably exchange presents, the Bloom Avenue community wants to repurpose Valentine’s Day, making it a day of celebration for everyone who adores someone.

While the nightly news indicates that there is currently a shortage of love in the world, Bloom Avenue wants to erase that misconception and illustrate that love still makes the world go ‘round.  Bloom Avenue is focused on making people feel appreciated every day of the year, specializing in unique and alternative flower bouquets and gifts.  See their Top 5 Unique Valentine’s Day Bouquets here:, which includes a Zen Planter, Iris Fantasy and Opulent Orchids.

Bloom Avenue has already been spreading the love through Facebook ( and Twitter (@bloomavenue), offering the opportunity to win bouquets for loved ones.  People across the U.S. have won decadent flowers for their moms, best friends and others who impact their lives.  Sign up today – more bouquets are available and there are special deals and discounts for fans and followers.  For more information on Bloom Avenue, visit