Fool Proof Budget Plan For Fighting Growing Gas Prices

With gas prices around $100 a barrel as trouble pours out of the Middle East, it looks like transportation is going to cost us plenty for at least the near future, but there are ways to cut back on costs. Follow the following 10 frugal fuel-consumption tips so you won't have to leave the gas pump with a half-empty tank.

1. Use Your Smart Phone
There are plenty of money-saving apps dedicated to trimming everyday expenses, some of which include travel costs. The GasBuddy app will coordinate your location with the best gas prices in your area. Another app worth test driving is CheapGas, which provides precise directions to the nearest and least-expensive gas station.

2. Shop Online
According to a recent study by Carnegie Melon's Green Institute, shopping online saves an average of 35-percent in gas consumption. Next time you're seeking a new pair of trousers, shop online to cut down on fuel costs. Those who prefer to avoid delivery charges can find plenty of free shipping coupons at sites like or, which offer deals for popular stores like JCPenney, Verizon, Home Depot & DELL.

3. Lay-off the Lead Foot
We know everyone is in a hurry, but zipping through traffic is anything but gas efficient. Stick to the speed limit and remember speeds exceeding 40 mph force your vehicle to overcome forceful wind resistance, thus consuming fuel faster. Keep an eye on your odometer for maximum fuel efficiency.

4. Leave Rapid Starts to the Jack Rabbits
Do you race away from stop lights at the speed of Br'er Rabbit? You're wasting a lot of gas just to reach the next stop light a second faster.

5. Coordinate Carpools
Carpooling simply makes sense -- or is it cents? Use the Carpicipate app to locate like-minded neighbors or community members interested in sharing rides.

6. Be Loyal to Your Reward Card
Grocery stores like King Soopers offer up to 10-cents off per gallon for buying groceries and filling up at their tanks. Some stores offer an additional savings if you pay cash, when combined with your reward card. Just make sure you save your cashier's receipt to get the full savings.

7. Buy Discount Gas Gift Cards
Did you know you don't have to pay full price for a gift card? Sites like offer a diverse selection of discount gas gift cards from various card vendors. Run out of cash on your card? GiftCardGranny offers an alert on newly available discount gift cards, so you'll be notified every time there's a new card available.

8. Fuel Up at Warehouse Pumps
Filling up at your local warehouse club can save you anywhere from five to 10 cents on fuel compared to surrounding gas stations.

9. Give Generic a Go
Just like pantry staples and other generics, buying "off-brand" gas gets your car from place to place in the same shape as fuel from name-brand stations. In fact, it's often the same gas, yet the price can differ by about 20 cents a gallon.

10. Use Low Octane
According to NPR's Car Talk, using a higher octane gas when your car doesn't need it is worthless. Check your vehicle's manual to determine how low you can go.

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