TrueCare Reveals Top 20 Words Most Often
Triggering Alerts Among Parents

According to recent data compiled by TrueCare, a provider of Internet monitoring services for parents that automatically tracks a child’s use of today’s most popular social networking sites including Facebook, MySpace and Twitter for inappropriate content, “Hate” is the number one word found to generate the most parental alerts via the product’s monitoring feature. 

“After reviewing our internal research, we wanted to publish these findings as a way to keep parents informed as to what their own children could potentially be saying on social networking sites,” remarks David Barker, Product Manager for TrueCare.  With a generation of teenagers gravitating toward these sites, parents now more than ever need to be armed with the most up-to-date statistics.” 

Below is the Top 20 list of words found to generate the most frequent parental alerts as indicated by TrueCare’s latest findings:

1.    HATE (bullying/racism)
2.    PARTY (alcohol/drugs)
STUPID (bullying)
UGLY (bullying)
X (alcohol/drugs)
DAMN (bullying)
KILL (bullying/racism)
FIRE (drugs)
A** (bullying/racism)
TREES (drugs)
SH*T (drugs/bullying/racism)
12.  BUSTED (drugs)
13.  FREAK (bullying)
14.  POSER (bullying)
15.  DRINK (alcohol/drugs
16.  ICE (drugs)
17   LOVE (sex)
18.  BITCH (bullying)
19.  LOSER (bullying)
20.  MONKEY (sex/bullying)
20.  HOMO (bullying)
20   SEX (sex)

Concerned parents can monitor their child’s online activity by utilizing TrueCare’s social media monitoring service that automatically tracks a child’s use of today’s most popular social networking sites for inappropriate content.  TrueCare monitors a child’s pages 24/7 and notifies parents with alerts anytime questionable content is found, via an email containing the full content and context of the post, plus a link to the page if parents want to investigate further.

TrueCare makes helps parents monitor their children online:
  • 24/7 monitoring of the child’s social networking accounts – whether they access from home, school, the library, a friend’s house – or even via their cell phone.
  • Locates questionable content on the child’s pages using a customizable database of over 500 key words relating to potential dangers.
  • Automatic e-mail alerts are sent to the parent anytime new relevant content is posted.
  • Helps them to know who their child’s “online friends” are with Friends Network and Investigate Friend links.
TrueCare is easy to use, and gives parents the comfort and confidence of knowing they’re actively working to educate and protect their children against online dangers like predators, cyber bullying, and harmful posts which could damage their reputation.

TrueCare monitors a child’s social media activity no matter where they access the Internet from; home, a friend’s house, school or even their cell phone.  TrueCare features a range of user-focused security options including searching the child’s social media accounts for keywords that may indicate potentially dangerous posts from a customizable database of more than 500+ key terms.

For further information about TrueCare and how its products can assist parents, please visit their website at or call them at 1-877-368-6390.