So for some reason I am still having problems updating & posting pictures to Blogger.....not sure what is going on and have not got much help from Blogger :(    So....I thought I'd just give you a quick run down of what's been going on!  We attended a fun event that Juicy Juice put on for a small community in Los Angeles about eating healthy and making the right choices! We'll have pics and more on that once we can get this problem resolved!   Did you know Despicable Me is out on DVD?? This would be a great Christmas gift - have you seen the movie?? It's a must for any DVD collection - hilarious!! 

Have you also noticed that customer service seems to be on the up this holiday season?  I have noticed that more and more - employees seem to be so much more helpful and polite than previous years.   Although it can be a bad thing.....as it sometimes makes me want to shop more!  haha!  To be honest - I haven't even started my Christmas shopping - looks like it's going to be a small year for us.....if I can even get around to it!  Well I am off to bed, just wanted to fill you all in as to what is going on as of now......hoping to have this blogger issue cleared up REAL SOON!!