Wordless Wednesday

OK....so it's Wordless Wednesday and your probably wondering where the picture is and why there are so many words when it's suppose to be W-O-R-D-L-E-S-S.........well thanks to Blogger - I and many others are having issues uploading pictures.   I have been trying for the last three days and have been having issues!

I do wish I could share with you a picture of this beautiful scenery I have at my house!  The latest storms brought snow to the local mountains and a clear blue sky with the sun shining brightly to help lift the chill of the low temps we've been having - we actually been having colder than normal temps and I've heard many people that live in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas complain that it's "Oh, so cold!".   Come on people, it's November and the holidays are upon us - it's suppose to be like this!  Makes if feel more like this time of year and helps to make the holiday's seem more "real".    Plus......living in California most days we have sunny, warm, comfortable temps....so what's a couple weeks out of the year - DEAL with it folks and enjoy this time of year!!