Strawberry Shortcake

I feel like this was the girl next door....the girl from my childhood who was always there, always cheerful and always full of adventure.  The girl I spent my Saturday mornings with.   Now we celebrate her 30th birthday!! I just celebrated my 30th a couple years ago, so know that this is a huge milestone.    It seems as though the good old shows / toys are making a big return!  This is a show, which unlike many others today is free from violence, words we may not want our children to learn and is full of adventure and imagination.  Our family was invited out to Strawberry Shortcakes 30th Birthday Bash....the kids had a great time......

 Strawberry Shortcake's line of toys...

New to the Hub....Twisted Whiskers

Yummy strawberry treats...loved the strawberry and cream cheese sandwiches!

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Happy Birthday Strawberry Shortcake!