Can we say "Cheerios" & Quality Time??

With the name “Hula Hooping Mom” hanging over my head – you can possibly imagine the fun we have in our home! I am a newly single mom and this has become a huge part of our lives. My children and I have endured a lot with in the last couple months, we’ve lost my Grandmother who was like a Mother to me and also had to deal with the letting go of my husband and their Dad. There was a time that I was so depressed that it affected me health wise and I was in the hospital for three days. That was my wakeup call……from then on I was not going to be depressed, live in the past and make my children suffer emotionally from my frustration. I came to accept that I was not the only one dealing but my children were dealing too, and for them at the age that they are it’s something that I’m sure they are a bit confused about.

We have made some major changes in our house – other than the loss of the two most important people…….we have made time for “quality time together” meaning – we have stopped receiving cable and only receive basic network – which cuts TV time down a lot!! We have cut video game time down to one hour a day – before they would be in their rooms for hours playing video games. We have also made time to get out and enjoy one on one time with each other. I’ll sit down and play a game with the kids, go outside with my son and work on his pitching with him, take the time to read a story to them at night or give them the joy of reading a story to me or I’ll make a special treat out of it and take them somewhere special like an amusement park or out for ice cream – all of this, even though some days might only be a short period of time, that short period of time is so crucial for our children’s growth and nourishment.

Lastly one of our other biggest changes within the last month – (yes, I know, we are going through a lot!) has been to change the way we eat and for me as a Mother to take responsibility for what goes into my children’s mouths. Now we use to well…..let’s just say we were a busy family, always out and just didn’t always choose the right options for our children. With childhood obesity on the rise – it’s ever so important to take a stand and be an example for our children. As a Mother Cheerios is a brand I not only trust, but will eat myself, and feel comfortable leaving with my children. I remember Cheerios being one of the first solid foods I gave my children – they seem to just melt in your mouth! With my children being six and seven – I am still proud to say they will eat a bowl of Cheerios with NO sugar added!! Even as a snack – I will pack each a bag of Cheerios instead of picking up a side order of French fries or potatoe chips…….both not a good choice and will only lead to bad habits!

These are some of the examples of how I, as a Mother ensure the best nourishment for their body and mind…… an example, play with your children & give them that attention they long for - it really will pay off in the long run.

How do you spend quality time with your children?

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