E-Z Bat

**Disclosure:  I was provided an E-Z Bat to help facilitate this review.  No compensation was received.

Just by the name, you can tell these toys are going to come with a ton of fun!  Monkey Business Sports provides outdoor and builds every toy with the simple goal of providing real fun for real kids!  With the obesity rate so high it's so important to keep our children active and outdoors.  I cannot stand it when my children stay in doors all day sitting around playing video games or watching TV.  We try to keep our children in an activity year round.  My youngest son loves baseball - so we do fall ball (which we are playing now) and then he plays regular season ball when the season starts in the spring.   My daughter played one year of tball and is excited to be old enough to move to softball this coming spring.   Now Christian has played for almost four years now and getting pretty good! I love watching him play!!  Watching him get better and better over the years I have learned one thing that is important in playing ball is strength.  Learning how to throw the ball and how to properly swing the bat.   When both of them first started playing I remember they could barely hold the bat up! That is where the E-Z bat comes in to play! 
The E-Z Bat comes with one soft foam bat and 2 E-Z balls.   I really think this is great for kids at any age.  My daughter can work up her strength and swing by hitting the E-Z balls and working on a straight swing.  She can also have her brother pitch her the E-Z balls so she can practice hitting the target.    Now for my son who has been playing for four years, this can come in handy for him to practice his swings as well as his standing position.   One other thing I love about this is that they can play by themselves.  Simply place the E-Z balls over the bat and swing - the E-Z ball will go flying! 

Recommended age - 36 months - 7 years
Retails for around $19.99

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