Columbus Day & Our History

As today most Americans celebrate Columbus Day just for the paid day off, for many Native Americans it is a day of morning.   I do have some Native American heritage in my family and we choose not to celebrate Columbus Day.  Why celebrate a man who was not first to discover America?  Our children are being taught for the most part that Columbus was the first one here, who discovered America.   My Great Grandma was a full blooded Cherokee Indian.  I have great great grandparents and other family that was born on Indian Territory in Oklahoma way back when.  

My older sister has been going through the process of being registered as Native American as I am - I carry an ID card with me to show that I am a registered Native American.   I proudly hold this card with me.  I have heard family stories that share my Grandmother lied about being a full blooded Indian saying only that she had a small amount in her.   Apparently the Natives were very much discriminated against by the white man and when they moved out here to California my Grandma said she had a very hard time because of the discrimination.    It is sad to think of the way the Native Americans were treated when this was their land in the first place.  Now I am so proud of my heritage and loving embracing it and sharing it with my children. 

I have begun to research more of our family history and found a site that has records / copies of original documents that date back hundreds of years!  I was so excited to find my Grand Grandmothers original application to show her Native American heritage.  It was really amazing to see in her own writing - just brought tears to my eyes!!  What history!  In fact I'm putting together a book for my children of their family history!  I encourage you all to do the same - remember where you came from while embracing the world we live in today.......