Walking With Dinosaurs

**Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post. Media tickets were provided for my family and I so that I could provide a honest review of the performance.

Last night I had the opportunity to take my family to see a performance of Walking With Dinosaurs at the Honda Center in Anaheim. I honestly did not know what to expect. I've seen the commercials and have heard the hype but was not sure if this was like an exhibit or more of a show. I was also very nervous for my youngest daughter who is five, but I think I ended up being more nervous for her than she actually was. The one word that sums it up for me: Amazing!

Walking With Dinosaurs is based on the award-winning BBC Television Series. Ten species and seventeen dinosaurs are presented from the 200 million year reign of the dinosaurs. The largest dinosaur performing is the Brachiosaurus who is 36 feet tall and 56 feet from nose to tail! I ended up getting some great video to share with you all -

All in all, this really is an amazing show. My husband and I both have mixed feelings about the show. We both felt it took awhile to get off the ground and really get into the show. It was a bit of a slow start. I also would have liked to see more action. My favorite was the T-Rex - but I won't give that away, you'll have to go to find out what I'm talking about! I also feel that this is a great educational show for the kids (and parents). We are homeschooling for the first time this year and I love that I can take my children out to an event where they can learn so much. This is perfect for that! Now my kids absolutely thought this show was amazing!! So much so that just half way through the show my youngest daughter leaned over to me saying "Mom, can we come back and see this show again?" That's enough for me to take the time and spend the money attending an event such as this. The kids loved it & it was educational!

Walking With Dinosaurs - The Arena Spectacular performs eight performances at the Honda Center in Anaheim now through September 5Th with ticket prices starting at $22.50 and seven performances at the Staples Center in Los Angeles September 9Th through the 12Th with their prices starting at $39.00. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased either through the venue or through Ticketmaster. start at $22.50

For more information, please visit www.dinosaurlive.com