RMHC Day of Change - It's Here!!!!!!!!

Today's the day!! Pull the change out of those cushions, empty out your jean pockets, grab your piggy bank and head on down to your nearest McDonald's!! Ronald McDonald House Charities Day of Change is here!! Last year their donation box collected more than 19 million dollars!!! Even though to you, your nickels, dimes and even pennies may not mean that much - to the sick children who suffer from a life threatening illness it gives them their family, which helps them to cope and heal faster. RMHC helps alleviate some of the stresses families with a hospitalized child face on a daily basis; including living out of their child's hospital room, paying for hotel accommodations, driving long distances and paying for gas & the cost of food.

About a year ago, Ronald McDonald House Charities invited a group of us Mom Bloggers out for a tour of one of the homes. It was so amazing!! While there we had an opportunity to meet some of the families living there at the time. Pictured here is eleven year old Francisco Mendoza. He was diagnosed at three year old with a life threatening brain tumor. After going through several surgeries the tumor returned even more devastating than before and with surgery no longer an option. Francisco and his mother had been living at the house on and off for three years. Just look at that picture.....so full of life, innocence and joy. Amazing!! It just brings tears to my eyes. Sadly, a few months after our visit Francisco lost his battle and past away.......

I have always heard about RMHC before, but until actually getting to tour the home and talk the families I had no idea how amazing this place really was. For the past 35 years the Ronald McDonald House has provided a "home away from home" for families with sick children, giving them a place to find comfort and support during difficult times. Every year the RMHC and it's local Chapters support more than 4 million children and families around the globe. The RMH Los Angeles can house up to 75 families any given night. They are provided their own room which can accommodate up to five family members. Each floor has it's own laundry facilities, with a cafe right next to the laundry room where families can talk, connect and find support from other families going through difficult times as well. There is a community kitchen where although there are many different languages that can be found throughout the RMH, food is the one common commodity that seems to always break the language barrier.

Honestly I just can't say enough about this amazing charity! Even if you don't eat McDonald's :) talk a walk in and drop off your change. Pennies, nickels, dimes...it all helps and adds up!!

For more information visit the RMHC Day of Change Facebook page!! Now go....get out of here...get to McDonald's...NOW!! LOL!!! What a great day to take the kids to McDonald's!! Maybe for a back to school surprise??