Do you believe in happiness? If so, do you believe it can last a life time?  Think about the thinks that make you unhappy - are they little things that after thinking about it - isn't worth making a big fuss about?  I was talking to my Uncle yesterday and the subject of happiness was brought up - I asked the question - "do you think we'll ever be really happy?"   What do you think?

We go about our days sometimes without thought, going through the same routine day after day, night after night.  We often stress about dirty clothes on the floor, running late, scouring the house for our keys, dirty dishes in the sink, the talking back we get from our kids and when what we say sometimes seems to go in one ear and out the other......but - wouldn't life be so much more simple, stress free and heart healthy if we would just take a deep breath and relax!! Kids are going to be kids, husband are going to be...well....husbands - enjoy the time you have with each and every one of your family members - remember time is precious and the more you stress, the less time you will have.