Friday Fun!

Happy Friday!!! It's been a long week - in reality its been a short work week because of the holiday weekend we just had, but now missing a day leaves us with so much work to catch up on - which makes it a really long week for me!! LOL So......I wanted to have fun with this feature today! I came across this and Loved It!! Remember being a teenager and wanting to toilet paper your friends houses? I remember in Jr. High we toilet papered out PE teacher's house - we sure got a kick out of that! Now we can still have that same fun!

I know this may sound funny - but Charmin wants you to enjoy going to the bathroom as much they do. That’s why they’re helping provide a better bathroom experience, at home and in places you’d least expect it. Like Facebook.

Remembering the good old days when soft rolls of toilet paper weren't just for wiping? Charmin is bringing back the excitement of a prank from yesteryear with a safe, clean twist. Charmin's first-of-a-kind TP-a-Friend application allows Facebook users to TP their friends pages without the mess and stress!

Usually I don't link to use applications - I don't like receiving them and think they just clutter your page so I don't usually send them. This time I just had to! I actually had fun in doing so too!! It allows you to see their Facebook page covered in toilet paper - it was actually pretty amusing!! LOL!!

You know you want to try it..........Charmin's TP-a-Friend Application