Coppertone I-Phone App

Directions to the beach? Check.

Enough towels for everyone? Check.

Beach chairs? Check.

Coloring books to keep the kids occupied in the car? Check.

Music for myself, so I don’t go insane in the car? Check.

Enough sunscreen to last us the full day at the beach? Hmmm.

With the launch of the Coppertone MyUV Alert™ iPhone application, organized moms who magically manage to get everything together have one less thing to worry about!

This new application provides personalized suncare profiles so mom can chose the suncare protection plan that is just right for each member of the family! The new app also provides suncare reminders to help mom out, allowing her to specify what activities will be undertaken throughout the day to ensure that everyone is protected no matter what the day entails.

With Coppertone’s MyUV Alert application, mom can get some help managing individualized suncare needs, and check one more thing off of her “ to do” list.

**Disclosure: This feature has been provided by Coppertone as well as the image which is a commercial image used for this campaign. What a great feature, isn't it!