Los Angeles Sparks

**Disclosure: Our family was provided tickets to a Los Angeles Sparks game in order to write a review. No monetary compensation was provided.

If you are a regular reader you know I'm a HUGE Lakers fan and that's to say the least. I remember my very first Lakers game - Kareem's retirement game! I find it odd that I grew up such a Lakers fan because no one in my family is into basketball. I remember Sunday's at our house - that was a day we could not bother our dad; he would sit in his rocker and watch football or baseball all day. I remember the good old days at the Forum in Inglewood and driving into LA in my beat up ford escort that was good enough to just make it there and back. I also remember when they introduced the WNBA. Now as a woman I felt proud and would cheer them on any day. But I never actually sat down and watched a game or even attended a game for that matter. My girls were so excited to attend a Sparks game and I was proud to see them so excited about it. What a positive image for the girls!! I think my boys were more excited to be sitting in the arena that the Lakers actually play in!

We arrived at the Staples Center early and when we got to our seats someone was sitting in them - and I recognized the person, it just didn't hit me until my husband kicked her out of our seats!! It was Lisa Leslie - one of the most recognized names in the WNBA!!!! She was sitting there getting ready for an interview she was giving. I wish I would have realized it sooner - would have been a great interview! One of my favorite parts about attending a live basketball game is the music! It really gets you moving and excited about the game. Watch the video below to see some highlights of the night.....

I can't say enough about it - just this one night got me hooked and we will for sure be attending another game this season. The kids loved the mascot, music, giveaways and the vibe of the crowd!! The WNBA is the ultimate addition to any families live entertainment activities offering competition, team spirit and positive role models packaged in one of Americas favorite sport pastimes. It's a great way to beat the summer heat and head indoors for sports, entertainment, family, food and fun! Tickets are reasonably priced starting at just $10!!! The WNBA is offering our readers a special discount and I really encourage you to give this a try and take advantage of this! Even if your not a huge fan of basketball like me - I guarantee a good time!!

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